Prevent Dumpster Fires

Every year C.M.F.P.D. responds to numerous dumpster fires. 

The main causes of dumpster fires are cigarette butts and ashes cleaned out from fireplaces, barbeques and fire pits. Use water to fully extinguish cigarettes and ashes and store in a metal trash can until fully extinguished (this can take several days) never place these items in the dumpsters.

The unknown and hidden contents are what make dumpster fires so potentially dangerous. Combustible products such as paint thinners, acetone, propane tanks, gasoline containers, used motor oil, automotive batteries and appliances such as refrigerators cause a fire to spread faster and cause toxic gases. If the dumpster is emptied into the trash truck and something is smoldering it can and has caught the trash truck on fire.  If the smoldering items make it all the way to the landfill and are dumped, then we have a landfill fire.  Furniture, tires, and construction materials such as lumber can smoulder for a long time before igniting.  These items should be taken to the Western Kane County Special Service District land fill located on the east side of Hwy. 89, at Mile Post 88.  Their hours are Thursday and Friday 1-6 pm and Saturday 10am-6pm.

Dumpster fires can spread on windy days. Wind fuels fires and distributes embers that can spread to areas around the dumpster and cause a larger more dangerous wildland fire.  

Everyone who uses the dumpsters can help prevent these fires.