8/21/2015: The Governing Board would like to express their sincere appreciation to those residents and friends who have donated extraordinary gifts to our volunteer fire department in the past few months. Some of these folks have wished to remain in the background, however, the Chief, volunteers, and your board know who you are and wish to say Thank You, our friends and neighbors, for your gifts to help keep those in our community safe and our forests in the state nature intended them to be. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU.



The August Monthly Meeting of the Cedar Mountain Governing Board is cancelled. Several members will be unable to attend the meeting.

The next meeting is scheduled for September

7/16/2016: The Stay at Home Booklet can be found under Fire Prevention and Safety Information.

8/3/2016: At the direction of Kane County Hospital, Kane County Dispatch has been instructed to not dispatch CMFPD Emergency Medical Service personnel to medical emergencies. Meetings are being scheduled to correct this situation. In the meantime, if you have a medical emergency, please call 911 and an ambulance will be dispatched from Alton.

8/15/2016: Cedar Mountain EMR's/EMT's are now able to respond to emergencies on the mountain after negotiations were successful. Alton will still supply the ambulance if needed until we get our EMT Basic's trained to the Advance level.

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