Wintertime on the Mountain

Being Prepared.


The week of Christmas Mother Nature dumped several feet of heavy wet snow on Cedar Mountain. The weight of the snow and the high winds knocked down power poles and large trees which crushed cars, damaged cabins, blocked roads and left many residents stranded in their homes. This storm also left the mountain without power, water, and phone. Not a good situation for residents, the Fire Department, snow plows, the Sheriff’s Department or the utility companies. 


This is reminder that we should all be prepared for the worst of storms by having:


extra food for everyone in your family and your pets

extra water

extra medications and a first aid kit

extra blankets

extra wood for your fireplace

a back up generator with extra fuel


Also remember that with so much snow that you will need a shovel for removing snow from your doors and to uncover your vehicle. When working out in the weather dress appropriately, take regular breaks and drink lots of water.


This situation was further complicated by property owners who came up to check on their cabins, many parked in the plowed roads to hike in. Their vehicles blocked snow plows until the owners were located and moved their vehicles. 


Winter can be beautiful and winter sports fun but it is a good idea to check weather and road conditions before coming up to the mountain. 


With safety first everyone can enjoy their cabin all year round.


Lt. DeLynne Raines

Fire Prevention/ Risk Reduction Officer