Around the Home Tips

The Cedar Mountain Board of Trustees hope you find these around the home tips helpful.


1.      Make Sure You Have Fire Exit Plan


Fire exit plans save families every day.  Make sure your family knows where to exit the home and where to go if they have to exit.

2.      Never Let Strangers Live With You

Strangers can be killers, robbers and sometimes endanger your kids. You should always be careful with who you allow in your home.   Always ask for badges and ID’s.


3.      Never Leave Child with Dog Unattended


Take precaution to try to watch the dogs when they play with kids. There is always a warning when one will snap and this is why it should be a rule. Watch your kids with your pets and dogs.


4.      Make Sure the Smoke Alarm Works


Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms are a lifesaver! These things can help you stay alive knowing when a fire breaks out or when there is carbon monoxide around.


5.      Make Sure You Blow Out All the Candles


When you use them, try to make sure you blow them out when you’re done. Never leave a candle lit unattended and you will be safe from this problem.


6.      Plugs Need Covered


All children up to age 4 like to stick their finger in something new.   You can buy these covers in almost any store worldwide.


7.      Don’t Overload Surge Protectors


An over loaded outlet is a fire waiting to happen. You should try to keep small running devices on the surge protectors to avoid fires.





8.      Fire Extinguisher


There are more and more fires everyday and most people could have stopped the fire with a fire extinguisher and didn’t have one at the time.  Place one in the kitchen for grease fires and one in the living room for other fires.  NOTE:  If the fire is bigger than the size of a waste basket, call 911 immediately.


                                                                                    Mike Petullo CEM, Chairman

                                                                                    CMFPD Board of Trustees