Governing Board






Cedar Mountain Fire Protection District




Name:          Title:           Subdivision:         Email:


Suzy Polnisch Chairman Strawberry Valley Estates


Sheryl Snow Treasurer Swains Creek Pines


Zach Hascall  District Clerk Alpine Meadows/Color Country


John Burrows Vice Chairman Duck Creek Pines


Wade Heaton Board Member Elk Ridge Estates



“The mission of the Cedar Mountain Fire Protection District is to protect life and property by providing fire suppression, prevention education, and basic Emergency Medical Service support in an ethical and professional manner to the community we serve.”




QUALIFICATIONS:  Each member of the Governing Board shall be a registered voter at the location of the member's residence and a resident within the District, provided that so long as one of the following exceptions applies, each member of the Governing Board need not be a resident of the District, but must be an owner of land, or an agent or officer of the owner of the land, within the District which receives services from the District, and a registered voter at his or her place of residence which may be other than with the District. 

All Board members may be contacted through the Cedar Mountain Fire Protection District at Station #1 located at

HC 82 Box 1084, 3620 Mammoth Creek Road, Duck Creek Village, Utah 84762.

You may also call the fire station at: 435 682-3225 to leave a message and they will return your call.