District Information

The CMFPD was formed in 1994 as a completely volunteer fire department.  The District that was created now sits in the North West corner of Kane County Utah and encompasses 94 square miles of Federal, State and private lands in the Dixie National Forest, while serving the unincorporated community of Duck Creek Village. 

Today the CMFPD is a combination fire department with both career and volunteer members serving approximately 250 full time residents and 4,000 seasonal residents.  Tourism is a big part of the local economy with cabin rentals that allow for population spikes on weekends and holidays.

The CMFPD’s response area ranges from approximately 6,000 feet to 10,000 feet in elevation with fuels ranging from sage brush to conifer and pine trees.  The community of Duck Creek Village is serviced by two main thoroughfares, U.S. Highway 89 and State Route 14 and there are hundreds of dirt roads and trail systems that interlink the 22 subdivisions and two commercial areas within the District boundaries.

The CMFPD receives its revenue from fire protection fees where there are 4,749 taxable lots in the response area and lot owners are assessed an annual fee of $200.00 for fire and EMS response.  The second portion of revenue comes from snow removal fees where 3,100 taxable lots are assessed an annual fee of $115.00 for snow removal on county roads in the respective subdivisions and the clearing of fire hydrants to allow for emergency vehicles the access to make an effective response for fire and medical emergencies.  

The CMFPD is overseen by a five person elected Board of Directors.  The Fire Chief oversees the day to day operations of the fire department with the aid of subordinates that include a Career Deputy Fire Chief, Volunteer Captains, Career and Volunteer Lieutenants, Career and Volunteer Firefighter/AEMTs, Volunteer EMS only members, three part time Secretaries and Volunteer Firefighter Support Members.

Fire department operations are conducted out of two fire stations which responded to 262 calls for service last year.  Station number 1 is located at 3620 Mammoth Creek Road and Station number 2 is located at 325 West Ranch Road.  

CMFPD is a State of Utah Licensed Quick Response Agency at the AEMT level and members respond to all hazards in the community including but not limited to, EMS, MVA, hazmat, structure fire and wildland fire emergencies.


 We hope property owners and visitors to the district have comfort in knowing, if help is needed, it is available.

These services are provided by a highly trained and motivated group of volunteers and professionals, giving a level a care and protection found in large cities.

Please feel free to call or stop by Fire Station # 1, located at 3620 North Mammoth Creek Road just east of Duck Creek Village.