Wood Disposal Pit



July 16, 2020

Effective immediately,

there will NOT be a fee or ticket required to use the Forest Service/CMFPD burn pit located 1.5 miles southwest of the Duck Creek/Dixie National Forest visitor center.

This change was made to encourage all property owners in the area to join in the effort to do fuels reduction work on their property. As we reduce the amount of fuels (trees/brush) on our properties and in the area collectively, it will reduce our fire risk and make our community safer.

This burn pit is for trees/limbs/brush ONLY.

No stumps, no wood products, no household garbage.


Violators will be prosecuted. Items not allowed in the burn pit will need to be taken to the landfill located 13 miles South of Long Valley Jct. (Tod’s) on HWY 89.

Any questions regarding the change or burn pit use, please contact CMFPD at (435) 682-3225.